What Humanity Gave Up… Did The Kakistocracy Take Away F*ck’n?


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The six year ongoing reality radiologue of HESHER and SPORE along with their friends and colleagues who populate the ACR Brain-trust known as The Social Rejects Club, meets up once again to grind up the latest in the highly manipulated human zeitgeist items in the data feeds.

This April 1st edition of the Boiler Room has HESHER, SPORE, RUCKUS, INFIDEL PHARAOH & CHOPPER getting together to discuss further developments in teledildonics (we know it sounds a little crass, and it is, but there is a deeper issue, so stick with us as we delve into it completely.) Think about how profound it is that the global pandemic response has essentially killed all dating culture and has taken great strides towards further degradation of our human experience. Hesher and Spore wind up the March ACR Studio Donation Drive as well, with results and good news! Infidel Pharaoh looks at the southern border issues currently at issue in the USA under the new Biden admin and the gang wonders… could this be a weapons of mass migration tactic? All this and more, on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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