The Occult History of Punk Music – John Adams on JaysAnalysis (Half)

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This is the free half of a full talk which can be obtained at JaysAnalysis by subscribing at the PayPal links below. Musician and researcher John Adams of The Afternoon Commute joins me to divulge new details in relation to his ongoing series with researcher Nino on the secret history of punk music. Arising from the psychedelic genre and the 60s counter-culture (so-called) movements, punk became an iconic sub-genre that would eventually have a tremendous impact on “youth culture” through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and into today. The real question, however, is whether there is a deeper occult agenda to punk music, as well as a social engineering aspect to this “scene.” We explore these questions, as well as topics such as:

Henry Rollins, Riot Girl, feminism, GG Allin, Iggy Pop, situationism, Fugazi, The Sex Pistols and “spectacle,” performance art, deep state connections, Genesis P-Orridge and transgender agendas, the Stone Roses, Lou Reed and Blavatsky, the rise of the grunge scene and Cobain, The KLF and the rise of electronica, Discordianism, techno and rave culture, and the power of pop culture to mind control mass populations.

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