One Step Forward, Thirty Three Steps BACK

January 6th Congressional trials continue. Covid to blame for drooping condom sales? Whats with the wall being built around the White House? Vertias vs. Fauci while the Supreme Court strikes down the Biden OSHA Employer vax mandates, and much more!

Banking Cartels Do Not Care About Your Health

BOILER ROOM | Hesher, Spore, Dan, Ruckus, Oddman Out & Chopper discussing how ‘defund the police’ is different for the elites than the everyday citizen. Are banking cartels, CEOs and Politicians looking out for your health…?

It’s Been a Long Two Weeks… (with Tristan and Benny)

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Another meeting of the brain-trust at the social rejects round table. This episode sees BENNY WILLS ( & TRISTAN HAGGARD ( join HESHER & SPORE for a discussion about the state of the country, a trip report from California with Benny and an update out of Ecuador from… continue reading →