Combichrist Tribute Episode 60

Brain Bypass Can’t Control This is My Rifle 2045 Get Out of my Head Fuckin Unicorns Electroheads From My Cold Dead Hands We Rule the World, Mutherfuckers All Pain is Gone Shut Up and Swallow Sent to Destroy

RuckusWuzHere: A Lil’ Swing

Alternate Current Radio Presents: #RuckusWuzHere A weekly music mashup mix-tape… Ruckus-style! It’s Like It’s The Roaring 2020’s! A Lil’ Swing [Electroswing] Track List: 1. Fear & Delight – The Correspondents 2. Charlie Puth – Betty Boop (_Blan Kato remix) 3. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (Odd Chap Bootleg 2016) 4. Love Me Click Me… continue reading →