Slippery Science with Extant Labs

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Uninterruptible Talk Radio hosted by HESHER AND SPORE.

On this July the 21st edition of BOILER ROOM I was joined by Matt from EXTANT LABS to talk about all things Extant Labs. Extant Labs has been a sponsor of BOILER ROOM since last year and they have an excellent line of innovative sporting good lubricants for shooters, fishermen, bicyclists and edged tools, so we’re talking about their products to kick off. But of course, this is the BOILER ROOM, after all, so you know we’ll get into how the Corona Virus and the unrest in the wake of the Floyd killing has affected the firearms and second amendment communities. All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM.

Guest ~ Matt from Extant Labs ~