R.I.P. Bruce Corbitt – Rigor Mortis / Warbeast

This is a special R.I.P. tribute to the infamous vocalist, Bruce Corbitt, of RIGOR MORTIS and WARBEAST. Featuring samples from the documentary Welcome To Your Funeral: The Story of Rigor Mortis Vol. 1 and the written tribute from Bruce’s friend Jeff Tandy. All rights to creative works, video clips, audio clips and copyright material go to the artists and labels associated.

The public memorial for Bruce will be held on March 9th at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth Texas. Visit the Warbeast IG page for updates.

Track listing:
Rigor Mortis – Demons
Warbeast – Birth of a Psycho
Rigor Mortis – Condemned To Hell
Rigor Mortis – Die In Pain
Rigor Mortis – Re-Animator
Warbeast – Enter The Arena
Rigor Mortis – Welcome To Your Funeral
Rigor Mortis – Slow Death
Rigor Mortis – Wizard of Gore
Rigor Mortis – Vampire
Rigor Mortis – Rain of Ruin
Rigor Mortis – Ancient Horror
Rigor Mortis – Flesh For Flies
Rigor Mortis – Bloodbath
Rigor Mortis – Fragrance of Corpse
Warbeast – Krush The Enemy
Warbeast – Scorched Earth Policy
Warbeast – Warbeast
Warbeast – War of the Worlds
Warbeast – Maze of the Minotaur
Warbeast – Hitchhiker
Warbeast – Self Will Run Riot
Rigor Mortis – Freaks
Rigor Mortis – Cattle Mutilation
Rigor Mortis – Psycho Therapy
Rigor Mortis – Speed Whore
Rigor Mortis – Bodily Dismemberment