Patrick Henningsen with guest Daniel Faraci – Independent Talk KFNX 100 – 14 DEC 2016

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THIS WEEK: Episode 5 – ‘On Trump, Russia, US Media and Neocons’ – Is the alleged ‘Russia hack’ into the US elections real, and did the Russians really help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton? As Democrats attempt a ‘soft coup’ through the Electoral College, the President-Elect’s Transition Team tries to fill its new Cabinet, familiar hawks are circling Trump Tower. Over in the Middle East, developments in Aleppo may send ripple effects back to Washington, as President Obama renews his commitment to arm ‘moderate’ militants currently running amok in Syria. Back in Washington, Tulsi Gabbard introduces a historic bill on the House floor. Listen…

All this and more, as host Patrick Henningsen talks to special guest and political consultant Daniel Faraci, a Washington DC-based geopolitical analyst, academic and Director of Grassroots Political Consulting.


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