On The QT – ‘NPC & Pepe: Meme Magic or Art?’ with Jay Dyer (Half EPISODE)

Spawned from the message boards and discussion threads of 4Chan and Reddit, a new breed of internet memes has taken the internet by stealth, first as novel creative vehicles for political banter, and then to trending juggernauts. A new crowd-sourced ‘meme’ subculture is pitting the power of political satire against the culture wars for a virtual battle royale. What seems to be rudimentary symbolism, carries with it multiple themes – some of which reflect conditions within society and the polity. Following on the heals of controversial Pepe the Frog meme, a new gamer-inspired meme, the #NPC meme, aka ‘NPC Wojak‘, which took Twitter by storm in a matter of days. Unable to contain this latest organic craze, partisan digital technocrats and Silicon Valley thought police are now panicking, and have since resorted to a draconian regime of censorship which appears to want to restrict the propagation memes online. 

The question is: is it ‘meme magic,’ or is it 21st century crowd-sourced art?

Listen to this new re-boot of our members podcast, with Episode #10 of ON THE QT – ‘NPC & Pepe: Meme Magic or Art?’ hosted by Patrick Henningsen with special guest, Jay Dyer, author of Esoteric Hollywood (I & II), on the audio player below. This podcast aims to bring together alternative views and analysis not covered in mainline media, as well as additional commentary on key international events. Listen, become informed, and engage…