NWO Global Bio-metric IDs, Killer Robots & Sparkle Poop – Oh My!

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On this episode, BOILER ROOM Host, Hesher, and Co-Host, Spore, along with Randy J meet on the Thanksgiving weekend to discuss the latest outrages in the media feeds from the week. This week we’re Reacting to the ID2020 initiative which combines vaccine schedules with a universal global ID system ostensibly used as a “digital ID” system for keeping people “healthy.” Is this system part of a New World Order style tracking system with aims to concatenate personally identifiable information and bio-metrics world wide for purposes of control and surveillance? Spore has some holiday shopping ideas in the ice break portion, not to be missed for the festive rest room aficionados out there. Taint sunning, news, glitter crap and technocracy in one show?! Yep, all this and much more… on this episode of BOILER ROOM.

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