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Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio for the for the ‘Boiler Room, a new mid-week talk radio program designed for news hounds, media maniacs, political animals and social rejects… Join host, Hesher, along with a motley crew of other ACR hosts and regular guests they take a pry-bar to your third eye.

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Thanks, No-Thanks (A Thanksgiving Boiler Room)

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Hesher and Spore are joined by Ruckus (The Daily Ruckus & Twitch), Chopper and Infidel Pharaoh for a BOILER ROOM special holiday broadcast on Thanksgiving 2020. On this episode we give a healthy dose of ‘thanks’ for the things we appreciate… and in typical BOILER ROOM fashion we throw some ‘no-thanks’ out to the mass media cartel, to the Fortune 500, to the World Economic Forum, to tyrannical politicians and to Covidian micro-tyrants world wide!

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Micro-Tyrants and Scientists Gone WILD!

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Hehser and Spore’s real life radiologue and media deluge management crash course continues as we roll through the final weeks of the dreaded 2020. On this episode we’re joined by Ruckus (The Daily Ruckus & Twitch) and Chopper to run through some of the wild stories that have come up in the Social Rejects Club this week. From Russian pilots drawing large penises on the radar maps in support of a blackmailed Footballer, to the Governor of PA going after small businesses in the nave of Covid, to Seattle looking at selective legalization of misdemeanor crimes, to a round up of insane and useless science and biotechnology… this episode is enough to make a person think they’re living in the Black Mirror series. All this, and more, on this edition of BOILER ROOM!

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A Ruckus Among the Odd Mystical American Chopped & Mod'd Boiler Room


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The uninterruptible radiologue of HESHER, SPORE and their ever growing braintrust of social rejects continues into the depths of the dreaded 2020 once again. On this episode Spore and I are joined by Boiler Room regulars Chopper, Ruckus, Odd Man Out, Smokestack and first time Boiler Roomer, Sumo (of the Mystical American Patriots Society podcast with Smokestack). We’re talking about further encroachment into the homes of Californians as the San Francisco local politicians are throwing around the idea of a smoking and vaping ban inside the homes of citizens. We also looked at the Trump, Giuliani, Powell press conference on potential voter fraud law suits and pull some choice samples for consideration. The strange story of a mafia boss who claims to have participated in election fraud, yet is willing to flip on his co-conspirators in exchange for fame, fortune, book deals and movie rights (spoiler alert: we all thought this was a ridiculous laughable media stunt, prove us wrong!) All this and more, on this episode of BOILER ROOM!



Odd Man Out





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Hesher on Ochelli Effect


Alternate Current Radio Teams Up with Ochelli Effect: For this broadcast which was recorded LIVE on the mighty with The Ochelli Effect (Ochelli Web Page): I was very pleased to be invited on Chuck’s show to talk about all kinds of things from Spore and I’s media origins, to the format of the Boiler Room, to the politic of some of our shows regulars, the annoyances and complexities of the Trump Experience, the CV19 experience… and for those of you that are Patrons to Ochelli and/or ACR, we did an extra hour where we talked about our common love of heavy metal and how that old school heavy metal spirit can translate into what we do now and our similar goals as braod(pod)casters.

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COVID Extortion & Stop The Steal Rallies

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On this episode we are joined by the Truth Hound (Mark Anderson), Ruckus (The Daily Ruckus), Fvnk$oul (Fvnk$oul’s Mixtape), Photon (Photon’s Belt of Sound) and Infidel Pharaoh to discuss the latest in the “New Covidian Normal,” with Ticketmaster’s recent saber rattle for the new normal as a jumping off point. We discuss the weekend rallies across the USA under the mantle of “stop the steal” which was massively populated by Americans who are concerned that the 2020 election may have been corrupted with various forms of shady voting and shady counting procedures.

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