Maggot Hotdogs – Avengers Endgame Review – Food Tyranny – Boiler Room EP #224

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Welcome to the Social Rejects Club round table. Say goodbye to political correctness, NPCs beware, propagandist & mass media cartels take cover! BOILER ROOM is back to take on the culture war with ACR hosts Hesher & Spore, along with Tristan Haggard (Primal Edge Health), Fvnk$oul and Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis).

On this episode the Social Rejects club meets for the weekly round table discussion to hash out the latest internet oddities, news stories, cultural warfare salvos and WTF moments from the social media feeds. From hot dogs made of maggots, to NYC banning (real) hot dogs in state facilities, to another round of next level deplatforming by Facebook/Instagram (aimed not just at their targeted ‘dangerous individuals) but more importantly at any user who shares the links from those deplatformed persons or organizations. The ‘selfie-death epidemic’ , Hollywood/Intelligence Agency/Mafia collusion throughout history, food tyranny, comments on the 1.2 Billion dollar first week release of the new Avengers film, young people having record low amounts of sex…. all this and much more, on this edition of BOILER ROOM.

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