Jay’s Analysis Show – Episode #002 with Gould & Fitzgerald

Jay’s Analysis returns for it’s second episode on alternatecurrentradio.com Thursdays 7 PM PST | 10 PM EST

Join Jay Dyer from jaysanalysis.com as he interviews veteran researchers, historians, writers and geopolitical analysts Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould joined me to discuss their scholarly works, notably Invisible History: The Untold Story of Afghanistan, Crossing Zero and The Voice. In this interview, we dive into mystical imperialism, the Great Game, black ops in Afghanistan, the role of geopolitical strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Mujahideen, the Cold War and the Rand Corporation, Soviet espionage and British Intelligence, spy games, the history of Templarism, Roman Catholicism, BCCI and the drug trade, and much, much more!