Happy New Year From The Land of Synthetic Reality (Hesher, Spore, Benny Wills, Randy J & Daniel S)

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Hesher and Spore are joined by Benny Wills (web & YouTube), Randy J and Daniel Spaulding for the first episode of 2020. On this episode, the Social Rejects Club is taking a look at a newly proposed concept of adding the utterance or digital usage of the words “nerd” and “geek” to a list of illegal “hate crimes” by a British psychotherapist. Hear Joe Biden get met with a group of protesters on the campaign trail who tell the audience to look up “creepy uncle joe.” First takes on the breaking news of a U.S. drone strike on Iranian General in Iraq, the future of YouTube for the average truth seeker, all this and more… on this edition of BOILER ROOM!

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Boiler Room may contain explicit language and adult themes.

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