Dr. Greger Debunks Carnivore And Keto

Dr. Greger gesticulates furiously and babbles incoherently at Brian Rose from London Real about #carnivore, #keto, and #vegan diets. Greta really needs you future-stealing-bigots to help her get a net zero carbon emission ride to Europe so she can save the world from your toxic exhalations.


Watch the video here.

Show Notes

  • Vegan “Dr.” Greger EMBARASSED and uhm uhh EXPOSED by Dr. McDougall? – Youtube
  • Plant-based ribs
  • DR. MICHAEL GREGER – CARNIVORE DIET: Are There Any Benefits To Eating Meat? | London Real – Youtube
  • Clinical Calorimetry by Walter S. McClellan and Eugene F. Du Bois – All meat diet Study
  • Vegan Revolution: Final Solution to the Human Question? – Youtube
  • DR. MICHAEL GREGER – MEAT DIET vs VEGAN DIET: Is It Better To Eat Meat Or Be Vegan? | London Real – Youtube
  • Let them eat steak: Hold the shame, red meat is not bad for you or climate change – USA Today
  • How going vegan can affect your body and brain – Insider
  • Climate crusaders Leo and Greta Thunberg hit it off in California as actor says they’ve ‘made a commitment to support one another’ – but Swedish teen admits she still doesn’t know how she’ll get emission-free across the Atlantic – Women Systems
  • Climate Suicide – Google Search
  • Climate Change May Cause 26,000 More U.S. Suicides by 2050 – The Atlantic
  • Extinction Rebellion “Red Brigade” 18th October 2019 – Youtube
  • Red Brigade – Sept 27, 2019 – Youtube
  • Red Rebel Brigade, SF Climate Strike – Youtube
  • Dramatic scenes as Extinction Rebellion’s Red Brigade pay tribute to Gandhi and Mandela – MSN
  • WBCSD on twitter
  • The Rockefeller Foundation on twitter
  • Gunhild A. Stordalen on twitter
  • World Resources Inst on twitter
  • Ford Foundation on twitter
  • Tavistock Institute on twitter
  • Club of Rome on twitter
  • LIVE w/ Jay Dyer & Primal Edge | clubbing for the climate – Youtube
  • IMF on twitter

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