Endocrine Distribution from Estrogens in Food, Water, and More – Dr. Anthony Jay

Anthony Jay educates about of the hazards of very complex chemicals in a simple way that anyone can understand. He displays a big picture look at the endocrine distribution due to estrogens in our food, water, beauty products, cleaning supplies and other materials we use around the world. He speaks in a well-informed and positive, humorous way and is full of practical advice for those who want to ensure greater health for themselves and loves ones.
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Show Notes

  • Dr. Jay Anthony earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, is a Mayo Clinic Scientist, speaker, author and outdoorsman who has specialized in estrogenic avoidance and epigenetics. Visit his website here.
  • Jay’s Book: Chagrin & Tonic
  • @anthonygjay on Twitter
  • @anthonygjay on Instagram

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