Deepfake PETA and Slimy Dr. Joel Kahn

PETA caught making deepfake videos, staging incidents, and doing all sorts of fookery. What’s the real agenda behind PETA and “animal rights”? Dr. Joel Kahn has had a hard year…help him get his future back from the big mean grown-ups like Joe Rogan who refuse to go vegan.

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Show Notes

  • PEH Memberships
  • Amber O’Hearn tweet
  • Gunhild A. Stordalen – twitter
  • A digital backlash on the planetary health diet – Stockholm Resilience
  • EATLancet vs yes2meat: the digital backlash to the planetary health diet – The Lancet
  • Harvard and Monsanto: The $23-million Alliance – Science mag
  • Monsanto to Give $23 Million For Medical School Research – The Crimson
  • Billionaire and Convicted Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Boasts Deep, Longstanding Ties to Harvard – The Crimson
  • Harvard says it received $9 million from Jeffrey Epstein – Boston
  • Why Would MIT Need Jeffrey Epstein to Get Money From Bill Gates? – NY Mag
  • Joaquin Phoenix Peta Ad
  • PETA Barbecues Fake Dog To Promote Veganism, Sparks Outrage With Activists – RARE
  • PETA hits back at claims it is trying to deceive viewers after shocking computer-generated footage of a cat being struck by its owner and forced to do tricks emerged – Daily Mail
  • PETA Employees Face 31 Felony Animal-Cruelty Charges for Killing, Dumping Dogs – Consumer Freedom
  • Hypocrite VEGANS PAID workers TO SUFFOCATE AND TORTURE ANIMALS – Primal Edge Youtube
  • Animal Activists allegedly paid live export workers to film distressed sheep – Weekly Times Now
  • Animal Justice Party – Home
  • Gradually, nervously, courts are granting rights to animals – Economist
  • President Trump signs animal cruelty bill into law, making it a federal felony – ABC News
  • Euthanasia – PETA
  • At PETA’s shelter, most animals are put down. PETA calls them mercy killings. – Washington Post
  • Peta says sorry for taking girl’s pet chihuahua and putting it down – The Guardian

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