Corkscrew’s Twisted Mix – Lazy Saturday Mix – EP# 32 on ACR

LIVE 3 PM PST – 6 PM PST | 6 PM EST – 9 PM EST Get Twisted with Corkscrew every Saturday on Alternate Current Radio. Jazz, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, and more. Enough genres to twist you’re evening into sonic bliss. Listen Live or to the recording via the Spreaker player below

ACR Boiler Room

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM PST or 11:00 PM EST for another episode of the ‘Boiler Room’, a new mid-week talk radio program designed for news hounds, media maniacs, political animals and social rejects… Join hosts Hesher and Patrick Henningsen, along with a motley crew of other… continue reading →