Vegan vs Carnivore – Dr. Leo Venus & Dr. Shawn Baker

Vegan or Carnivore, which diet is the real game-changer for health and performance? Dr. Leo Venus advocates a plant-based diet, Dr. Shawn Baker has eaten an all-meat diet for over 2 years. Who wins? Watch the video here. Show Notes Dr. Leo Venus youtube channel Dr. Shawn Bakers youtube channel Support the Show We can’t… continue reading →

Deepfake PETA and Slimy Dr. Joel Kahn

PETA caught making deepfake videos, staging incidents, and doing all sorts of fookery. What’s the real agenda behind PETA and “animal rights”? Dr. Joel Kahn has had a hard year…help him get his future back from the big mean grown-ups like Joe Rogan who refuse to go vegan. Watch the video here. Show Notes PEH… continue reading →

Fake Meat – Beyond Dumb

Fake steaks are the “holy grail ” of fake meat made by industrial vegan kibble producers who tell us it’s not “natural” or healthy to eat meat. This is beyond dumb. David Attenborough and Netflix tell noble lies to get their future back and save the planet.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Intro… continue reading →

The Game Changers: Full Review

Review of the plant-based vegan documentary The Game Changers, produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Should we all go plant-based? Is carnivore now debunked? The legendary Dr. Greger shows his genius once again with a super hard vegan parlor trick.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Vegan hype is diet spin – Business… continue reading →

Meat is worse than Alcohol – Neal Barnard

Dr. Neal Barnard makes a fool of himself with the politely skeptical host of London Real with absurd claims and nonsensical vegan rhetoric that expose his lack of sincerity. Kai Greene, a top bodybuilder and a huge fan of grapefruit, sells the plant-based dream.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Intro video – Youtube Near… continue reading →

ACR featured image Drew Morg

Is there Life after Veganism? – Drew Morg

Is there life after veganism? Tristan and Drew, aka drewmorg, talk about ex-vegan shaming, plant-based myths, and more.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Is cockroach milk vegan friendly? – Youtube Meredith Foster’s instagram message to Freelee & diet review – Youtube DrewMorg on Youtube Matt Monarch on Facebook B12 Probiotic Potency – Youtube… continue reading →

Is Nick Diaz’ “Vegan” Diet harming Nate’s career?

Veganism or CTE – which is worse? Is Nick Diaz‘ poor diet negatively affecting his health and his brother Nate‘s fighting career? Derek Lewis is on fire – did he go carnivore?   Watch the video here. Show Notes Nick Diaz exclusive: Opening up on return to the Octagon, Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA… continue reading →

Dr. Greger Debunks Carnivore And Keto

Dr. Greger gesticulates furiously and babbles incoherently at Brian Rose from London Real about #carnivore, #keto, and #vegan diets. Greta really needs you future-stealing-bigots to help her get a net zero carbon emission ride to Europe so she can save the world from your toxic exhalations.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Vegan “Dr.”… continue reading →