Supreme Fire Sale | Blood and Soya

Supreme, Nike, Bank of America, and hundreds of multinational corporations, investment banks, and NGOs are helping bring justice and equality with a free private afterparty in the private prisons where we can all have vegan kibble, universal basic income, and free room & board. Vegan irritants evangelize in the streets and try to convince woke… continue reading →

Soypocalypse Now: Triggered by the Chickens

Dr. Greger, who has never treated a patient or published any scientific research, is cited by mainstream media as a “scientist” and “expert” who prophesies death by chicken for half the world population unless we listen to the philanthropists and The Experts of the Settled Science and replace all our real animal with mass produced… continue reading →

Beyond Philanthropy #Happytalism

Backyard Chickens and homesteading are exploding in popularity…but The #GoodGlobalCitizen Experts of the Settled Science warn they could destroy everything. Happytalism and Beyond Philanthropy bring us vegan solutions to all the world’s problems. Sadhguru just wants to help everybody stay safe from the whyrus. Animal rights activists cope with lockdowns. Watch the video here. Join… continue reading →

Beef Meat Market Manipulation – Bill Bullard of R-Calf

Contact tracing brings us citizen snitch brigades thanks to Rockefeller Foundation, Gavin Newsom, and the Clinton Global Initiative. Ryan from Happy Healthy Vegan says meat is non-essential and plays with his whammy bar. What’s behind these beef shortages in the US? Bill Bullard from R-Calf USA comes on in the second hour to talk. Watch… continue reading →

Beyond Freedom: Rebranding Reality

Robber barons and monopolists rebrand themselves as philanthropists. Beyond Meat rebrands cheap dog kibble as vegan burgers. Dr. Greger rebrands vegan deterioration as health. Technocracy rebrands a panopticon prison snitch society as “contact tracing”. Watch the video here. Join our private VIP members community forum for ongoing support and interaction from a like-minded people seeking… continue reading →

Estrogen Therapy for Men & Meat Shortages

Men have estrogen deficiencies, and the US may soon have meat shortages… #GoodGlobalCitizen Dr. Greger is stoked. Will Trump help the US avoid major nutrient deficiencies or will the consolidated meatpacking industry laugh all the way to the bank as #carnivore diet proponents switch to #vegan fake meat? In the last segment, we check in… continue reading →