Dr. Greger Debunks Carnivore And Keto

Dr. Greger gesticulates furiously and babbles incoherently at Brian Rose from London Real about #carnivore, #keto, and #vegan diets. Greta really needs you future-stealing-bigots to help her get a net zero carbon emission ride to Europe so she can save the world from your toxic exhalations.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Vegan “Dr.”… continue reading →

The James Younger Incident

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Farm to Table & Meat Advocacy – Anya Fernald

Co-founder and CEO of Belcampo Meat Co., in Marin County, Anya Fernald is inspired by local food production, Temple Grandin, and artisanal butchering. Today she joins the Primal Edge Health Podcast to discuss meat advocacy, slow food, and sustainable agricultural systems.     Show Notes Bel Campo webpage Signature Recipes by Anya Bel Campo on… continue reading →

War On Reality

BOILER ROOM | There is a war against reality, know how to spot its attacks. Join the Boiler Room gang every Thursday for a medicinal dose of skepticism.

Red meat and Performance – Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding comes on to discuss the Vertical Diet, the importance of animal foods, vegan agenda, The Game Changers propaganda, nutrition for athletic performance, and more.     Watch the Video Here. Show Notes Stan’s official webpage Donate and Support Stan Efferding on Twitter Stan Efferding on Instagram Support the Show We can’t do this… continue reading →