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Is there Life after Veganism? – Drew Morg

Is there life after veganism? Tristan and Drew, aka drewmorg, talk about ex-vegan shaming, plant-based myths, and more.   Watch the video here. Show Notes Is cockroach milk vegan friendly? – Youtube Meredith Foster’s instagram message to Freelee & diet review – Youtube DrewMorg on Youtube Matt Monarch on Facebook B12 Probiotic Potency – Youtube… continue reading →

Is Nick Diaz’ “Vegan” Diet harming Nate’s career?

Veganism or CTE – which is worse? Is Nick Diaz‘ poor diet negatively affecting his health and his brother Nate‘s fighting career? Derek Lewis is on fire – did he go carnivore?   Watch the video here. Show Notes Nick Diaz exclusive: Opening up on return to the Octagon, Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA… continue reading →

The Nature of the Mass Media Cartel

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