The Oddcast Ep. 40 No B.S. From Legalman

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out This week I had the sheer pleasure to chat with America’s most trusted lawyer, Legalman. His no B.S. attitude is very refreshing in this age of fakes, and copycats. He gives us the dose of mental medicine we need to help cut through the chaos, and political theatre…. continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 39 The Illuminati Watcher

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out It’s Friday the 13th, and I finally pulled the trigger, and got over my wussy fears of having a guest on, and what a guest!!! None other than the Illuminati Watcher himself, Isaac Weishaupt dropped by the show to bless us with his extensive knowledge on all things… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep.38 Electile Dysfunction

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out A week has passed since the election apocalypse, and still no clear answer. Of course, corporate media had Joemala winning from the beginning, but Q, and Trump’s base are still holding out hope, and he is still stringing them along. This week, i talk about whether the whole… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep.37 Election Apocalypse 2020

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out In this episode I discuss the last 4 years, how we became so divided, and what may be best for people on the Right, which is not what they want to hear. It’s been a wild ride, but the future is ahead, and the 4 years will determine… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep.36 Have I Become Too Skeptical?

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out This week is a no frills discussion on my cynicism towards the election, and political system in general. I ask myself, have i indeed become too skeptical? I look at some past presidents, and vice presidents, their characters, and what they did after they ran. I talk about… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 35 Jack Parsons, The Libertarian?

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out Jack Parsons is best known for inventing solid rocket fuel, & founding Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) & it’s widely thought that without his contribution, NASA would have never made it to the moon, if you believe we actually did. Many in the conspiracy, & alternative media community are… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 34 I’m A Boy, & I’m Proud

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out I don’t join clubs, or groups, but I do enjoy calling out b.s. artists, & corporate propaganda. The media has the power to cast a spell of lies on anyone these days completely ruining their reputation, & livelihood. Any disagreement with certain people, & they immediately think you… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 33 The Temple of the Body

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out Back for my 3rd installment on Freemasonry. This is a never ending subject with more layers than a California Redwood. The more I reveal, the more i find that’s concealed. In this episode, I cover the Cube of Perfection, The Five Points of Fellowship, The Symbolism Behind Sirius,… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 32 Q The Alien President

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out Welcome back Odd People! Thank you once again for joining me. I’ve got a fun one for you this week. Now, brace yourself. Are you ready?….. President Trump may be our alien savior! Yes, that’s right. If you’re not familiar with New Age beliefs, Theosophy, & The Ascended… continue reading →