MAPS Ep. 55: Amish Energy for Total Victory

Nighttime show! The 90’s were great. Wet Australia. 2020: Year of Apocalypses. Q2: The Reckoning. The Amish blew up the matrix. The story of Travis Walton.  Song: Who Built The Moon by Shinyribs Shower us with filthy lucre!

MAPS Ep. 54: Saint Smokestack Does Star Magic (He Doesn’t)

Congratulations, you’re all terrorists now. The US is governed by norms because the law is unknowable. Dispatches from Sumo’s Q infiltration. When prophecy fails. Coyote mindset. Star magic and current events- Capital “happening” as Saturnalia Pageant. See for more show material Follow us on Twitter! @FrogTroubadour | @SMKSTCK1 @MysticalPatriot

MAPS Ep. 52: The Endless American Meat Shower

The Kentucky Meat Shower of 1876. The Kentucky Geomagnetic Anomaly. Welcome to 2020.1. Sympathy for the devil. What’s Money? The Judas Goat. COVID as the managed decline of the West. The Endless American Midnight. Para-politics. See for more show material Follow us on Twitter! @FrogTroubadour | @SMKSTCK1 @MysticalPatriot References: The Kentucky Meat Shower USGS… continue reading →

MAPS Ep. 51: Figgy Pudding (Or We Stab You)

Merry Christmas! Christmas traditions. Mad Max Christmas Roadtrip. Freaky olde tyme Christmas traditions that Charles Dickens and the Puritans thankfully put to death. The Little Ice Age and Sunspots. Surviving the next ice age. Smokestacks Herbalism “Stack” and general updates on herb experiments. See for more show material Follow us on Twitter! @FrogTroubadour |… continue reading →

MAPS Ep. 50: Dark Winter and Hernando De Soto

AMA delegation from GA attempts to rescind the recommendation against HCQ. NEJM thinks gender is not medically relevant to the care of infants. Old people too whyte to get vaccines first. Dark Winter and Cyber Attack theories. Knighs of Spain and the Warriors of the Sun. MAPS post-collapse meet-up: Blackout +6 weeks at Georgia Guidestones…. continue reading →

MAPS Ep. 49: Epistemic Crisis

Feed the World! Readings from a history book from the future. Sumo meets a holocaust survivor. Epistemic Crisis of the West. Sumo’s guide to “solarpunk” online anonymity. Missing 411. References: David Paulides / Missing 411 Series

MAPS Ep. 48: Magic Spells for Modern Technocrats

You’re free to debase yourself. Mystical Housecleaning: a paranormal news round-up. Fake debunking articles. Spell-craft of the modern technocracy: Presentation, Destruction, Resurrection. Problem, Crisis, Solution. Fear, Guilt, Shame. PCR TEST, COVID, AIDS, SPACEFORCE, MARS COLONY. Demons are super depressed. Works Cited: Southpark Go Strong Woman WSB’s Fake Debunking and what WSB’s editors cropped out of the footage. And this…. continue reading →

MAPS Ep. 46: New American Folk Heroes (or Villains?)

Serious information from ridiculous people. MAPS submissions for new American Folk Heroes: Skyking/Beebo, Kevin Dawes/Caro, 4Chan “Operation Homeless” against the CHAZ, Bob (not Bill) Hickman, Phoenix Jones. References: Song: Lookin’ For That Orca by Johnny Maudlin More about Kevin Dawes from GQ Atrocity Guide on YT Special Operations Forces elevated on par with military departments Rocket Man performed by… continue reading →