MAPS Ep. 66: Minus-World Blues

Death by cranial battery fire. AI: fake and gay. Mask morgellons and E-mask-ulation. Fear-center overload society. (00:37:20) Minus World. LINKS: Mario Minus Worlds Zelda Minus World Skyrim Dev Underworld Mario 64 Mega Sperg-Out See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 65: Satanic Panic

Merch has landed at MAPSOC.ORG. Marks of the Beast, big and small. MAPS Ag. Pop-Satanism for tweens. The Satanic Panic of the 80’s and 90’s, The McMartin Preschool, and their connection to the FBI “Finders” disclosure. Souls for sale. Sumo’s flying lessons update. LINKS: MAPS Agriculture Michelle Remembers, By Lawrence Pazder The Finders Papers (FBI Link)… continue reading →


Burger King Speaks Jive. Listener Mailbag: Adeptus Mechanicus, Fabricator-General. COVID Cargo Cult. Tana Army. 1971 and the gold standard. Zomia and The Art of Not Being Governed. SKY PEOPLE FOREVER! Links: White Burger King Black Burger King Waiting for John (Documentary) WTF Happened in 1971 Oregon Fireball Pillars of Creation The Art of Not Being… continue reading →

MAPS Ep. 63: Mystical Male Vitality Plus Extreme

Listener mailbag. The Original Fauci Ouchie: AZT. The Costa Concordia tragicomedy. Bitcoin as lifeboat. COVID retrospective. Links: AIDS and the AZT Scandal – SPIN The Costa Concordia – Internet Historian

MAPS Ep. 62: Rubber Ducky Numerology

Hot Bath Aristocracy. Listener Mailbag, ft. Tall Hot Chocolate. Randall Carlson, sacred numbers, ancient astronomy, and other matters not bendy enough for yoga class. Links: Randall Carlson

MAPS Ep. 60: The BASED Ecumenical Council

Or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let Sumo Fix Vatican II.” (1:22) MAPS Agriculture Project Update: Smokestack’s Chickens. (1:30) Is the Mars Rover real? Contact Us!

MAPS Ep. 59: Fake Nuke Survival Skills

Sumo is chilling in Cancun w/ Ted. No one is coming to help you, and the government doesn’t care of you die. Jan 6th confirmed fake and ghey. Nuclear War Survival Skills. Works Cited Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearny The Stories of Wayln by Yoshi Matsumoto Part 1 / Part 2

MAPS Ep. 58: Oracle Bone Script Empire

Teachers dun goofed. Line go update. MAPS stateless nation. The Lost Chinese Civilization in Arizona Murder Mystery (Starts 53:00) References: Binance (Use a VPN) ProtonMail Kraken AP Magazine Song: ”Fake Empire” by The National Donations:

MAPS Ep. 57: Feminist Dark Matter w/ Zachary Garris

Dark Matter and Fake Space. Talking about feminism and democracy w/ Zachary Garris. Works Cited: Dark Matter Fake/Ghey (NBC) Zachary Garris’ Links: Social Media: Twitter Book: Masculine Christianity Site: Knowing Scripture Site: Teach Diligently