MAPS Ep. 76: Rightwing Podcastshow

Music from My Neighbor Totoro. Mass chicken slaughtering. Gnome sighting. The fake pipeline hack. Bronze Age Mindset. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 73: The Wages Of Sin Is Death

An episode so rad that the internet tried to kill it in the cradle. (Sorry for the choppiness due to bad connections.) Julia Child. Thank you for supporting the show! Dating Advice 3. Everything is fake, and here’s why. You are oppressing yourself. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 72: Everything Is Giants

Just give me old time rock n’ roll. Smokestack’s trip out west. Mailbag: jab for job? Sumo’s Unified Nephilim Theory See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 70: The Universal History of Man

Sovereign Citizens’ Occult Lawfare. (00:24:00) Dating Advice, Pt. 1. (00:59:00) Gog-Magog. Hitler’s Monsters. The Universal History and Legendarium. Rebirth of Monsters. Argentina’s Economic Collapse. The 4th Turning. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 69: JFK w/ Chuck Ochelli

Twitter drama review! Caitlyn Conservatism Inc. panic porn pandemonium. “Remember: nobody cares.” Sumo’s take on the medical-treatment-which-shall-not-be-named. Interview: The JFK Assassination w/ Chuck Ochelli. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 68: Debt and Leverage Galactic Carnival

The Monster of Rue Docteur Grandjean. Recapturing the culture by thinking about Leverage and Debt. Levers and fulcrums of cultural influence. Adam Smith’s lame nonsense. Money is debt. Debt Jubilee. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 67: Psychological Reasons

Smokestack becomes the giant catfish. Everyone is an indoor-cat now. Folks’ minds are breaking under the weight of [Current Year]. We’re a nation of liars. Be the dude that saved the Voyager spacecraft. Masculinity LARPing. Coyote Mindset: Be a pack animal. How to handle physical confrontation and video mobbing. See for more show material