MAPS Ep. 89: A Normal Office Fire of the Vanities

A show about things that maybe didn’t happen and people that maybe didn’t exist. The 500 year civilizational rummage sale. Post-rationalism. Bio-regionalism. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 088: Fat Show, Fatso!

Special Guest Victor Dominello, NSW government minister. Australia has gone insanily-wainily. You always get on the train voluntarily. Tricks for manufacturing consent. NFTs. The Obesity Epidemic. Sleep, Water, Sun, Protein and Fat. The 21 grams experiment. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 085: Invisible Rainbow

WE DID IT! Griftghanistan. The medical establishment is profoundly stupid. Electrical disease and The Invisible Rainbow. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 084: Matrix? More like GAYTRIX!

Now with more mouth-sounds! AI is only good at sabotaging the work of AI skeptics. A discourse on mind control. What’s new with ol’ Buzz? Matrix means “womd.” Carpel Tunnel Gluten COVID! Teaser of The Invisible Rainbow. See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 083: Clown World Epistemic Apocalypse

Fake viruses. We’re not talking about Chris Chan. Is “The Science” here in the room with us right now? Mailbag: Jon & Carlito. Nephilim looked like clowns? Personal sovereignty. What’s real, and what’s fake, regarding governmental authority? See for more show material

MAPS Ep. 082: Civilization Ending Floods of Mud (or Mucus)

Sumo has Epsilon Variant (a cold). Revenge of Nature Narratives. AI: the new deity. Mailbag: Havarti McFly & Albert Einstein. The lost history of Tartaria. Mudflood-Reset Theory. Congrats Kaldin, MAPS Official Tartaria Researcher See for more show material

MAPS Ep: 80: Non-Dualistic Podcastshow

Smokestack is packed with mucus and only semi-conscious. Pernicious veterinarian propaganda. A certain “bang event” and its sketchiness. “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.” The life and philosophy of Alan Watts. Sumo’s thoughts on duality and non-duality. See for more show material