The Texas Icepocalypse

BOILER ROOM | Hesher, Spore, Mark Anderson, Infidel, Odd Man & Ruckus talking about the Texas ice storms, the power outages, supply chain… and more!

You’re a GMO Product… Guess who Owns You Now!

 Download Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The ongoing reality radiologue of Hesher and Spore as they traverse the media landscape along with their friends, colleagues and listeners. This episode Hesh and Spore are joined by Ruckus (The Daily Ruckus), Odd Man Out (The Oddcast) & Infidel Pharaoh (Infidel’s Magic Carpet Ride) as… continue reading →

Children of the ‘Ronapocalypse’

BOILER ROOM | Covid sniffing dogs, BLM’s Nobel Peace Prize, maskless Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffle customer demands food at gunpoint, robots in your band, Don Lemon’s finger… all this and more!

Nonsense Psyops and The New Cold War

BOILER ROOM | Free weed for mRNA bio-tech test subjects, nonsense cyber psyops, infiltrators, agitators and the mass projection of whipped up caricatures upon society.

American Contingencies, Founders and Pretenders

BOILER ROOM | The day after the massive sh!t show that was the events of Jan 6th, the BOILER ROOM regroups to look at some famous quotes, ask questions about the events and show why “Q” is a B.S. psyop. All this and more!