Micro-Tyrants and Scientists Gone WILD!

BOILER ROOM | On this episode we’re joined by Ruckus and Chopper to run through some of the wild stories that have come up in the Social Rejects Club this week.

Hesher on Ochelli Effect

BOILER ROOM | This is a special swapcast edition here – Hesher on the Ochelli Effect to discuss the state of the independent media, alt media war stories, heavy metal, what it is to be anywhere between the extremes of the right/left paradigm and where we hope we can meet in the common sense part of the ven diagram.

COVID Extortion & Stop The Steal Rallies

BOILER ROOM | Mark Anderson, Photon, Fvnk, Ruckus, Hesher & Spore discuss corporate requirements for patrons to be injected with medical products to use their services and the large voter integrity rallies being held in multiple cities.

Election Day… Day Three

BOILER ROOM | Its the third day of the 2020 Presidential election, the polarization is like nothing we’ve ever seen and there is potentially a coup attempt in action as we broadcast, lets see what the gang thinks!