Assange In Custody – Fourth Estate Crisis – Medication by Mandate – Boiler Room EP #221

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Welcome to the Social Rejects Club round table. Say goodbye to political correctness, NPCs beware, propagandist & mass media cartels take cover! BOILER ROOM is back to take on the culture war with ACR hosts Hesher & Spore, along with Fvnk$oul, Randy J, Tristan Haggard (Primal Edge Health) and Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis).

Tonight! On BOILER ROOM! Julian Assange ousted from the Ecuadorian Embassy, arrested and awaiting extradition hearings. Are whistle-blowers and the journalists who’ve published their facts now vulnerable to the United States espionage act regardless of the sources and validity of their publications and their nationality? Can the U.S. get away with arresting foreign nationals for publicizing factual information? Vaccines being mandated at the local and state level, opt-outs for any reason being ignored in many states, fines imposed for NOT taking vaccines when the profits by big pharma global vaccine market tripled in value in the last 19 years and is expected to reach USD 100 Billion by 2025. Is there a scam afoot in the vaccine industry? You decide! All this and much more in this edition of BOILER ROOM.

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