You’re a GMO Product… Guess who Owns You Now!


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The ongoing reality radiologue of Hesher and Spore as they traverse the media landscape along with their friends, colleagues and listeners.

This episode Hesh and Spore are joined by Ruckus (The Daily Ruckus), Odd Man Out (The Oddcast) & Infidel Pharaoh (Infidel’s Magic Carpet Ride) as the braintrust cuts into the stories of the week. The Boiler Gang looks at mRNA technology, discuss how it could affect the human genome, human reproduction and more. Whats up with governors who say freedom oriented things that turn into memes and headlines but then follow up with a mountain of pro-big-pharma talking points? And does putting a frozen potato where the ‘sun don’t shine’ a remedy for anything?… All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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