This Is An Act of War (with Fvnk$oul, Kimi & Photon)


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM with HESHER, SPORE, FVNK, KIMI & PHOTON

This meeting of the Social Rejects Club round table was held on October 24th with our European contingent of the rejects as we’re joined by Fvnk$oul calling in from Poland, Photon in the UK and Kimi in Switzerland to discuss quarantine & lockdown situations in Poland, the UK, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland. In the Icebreaker segment we look at more examples of cultural revolution eating itself among progressive adherents, the ongoing ridiculousness of “identifying” as something other than ones biology and other taboo rabbit holes of the culture wars. Kimi calls out Joe Rogan’s new studio for the unbecoming aesthetic. We look at the counterfeit ‘health pass’ potentials in the ‘new abnormal’, the gamification of reality, how multiculturalism DIES in a globalized world, the depression and subjugation of musicians, artists and others in the name of ‘health & safety’ and we talk about a government experiment called “Dark Winter” and relate it to current events including Joe Biden declaring this winter as such. All this and more, on this edition of BOILER ROOM!


Kimi from Switzerland