The Scientific Method vs. THE SCIENCE


HESHER & SPORE’S ongoing radiologue of thought-crimes rolls out once again for a LIVE broadcast with RUCKUS (The Daily Ruckus), ODD MAN OUT (The Oddcast), Infidel Pharaoh (Magic Carpet Ride) and CHOPPER to discuss if its reasonable to think that the ‘vid’ can make 9 people’s tongues swell to mammoth proportions in one city at the same time, to see if the MSM has addressed the problems women have been reporting in masse about many of their female reproductive cycles being disrupted after taking the jab or being around those that have. Also, what is this 4th industrial revolution, is there some nuance worth discussing, HESH & INFIDEL dabble in those waters… all this and much more, on this episode of BOILER ROOM!