The Reverse Capablism Doctrine

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Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Uninterruptible Talk Radio, hosted by HESHER and SPORE – Custom made for barfly philosophers, media maniacs & otherwise lovable political animals. On this edition Hesher & Spore are joined by Jay Dyer, Daniel Spaulding and The Odd Man Out to discuss the flimsy optics of corporate political correctness and philanthropy, porn sites using literal captive audiences who were quarantined in Corona Virus scares aboard cruise liners, as potential customers, an ‘ice-break’ update about the CA highway projectile assailant, Goldman Sachs takes up new politically correct regulations stating that IPOs must have gender diverse boards and George Soros bringing the Open Society to universities around the world to the tune of 1 billion dollars.  All this and more… on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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