The Oddcast Ep. 47 Conspiracy, or Just A Coincidence – NWO Uninterrupted

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This is a special show. The first half is from my friend Jack’s podcast called, Conspiracy, or Just A Coincidence. He was kind enough to allow me to come on his show, and discuss the origins of globalism. You guy’s have heard some of this, but there’s a lot of alternate info that you haven’t. This is the episode you need to share!! It explains everything you need to know see how we got to where we are today. This is the missing history of our time. There may not be a conspiracy. It may just be out in the open, but most have refused to open their eyes, and see it. Now’s the time while you still can. Now, let’s get down that rabbit hole, and go way beyond the mainstream!
– Cheers, and Blessings!

Special Thank You to Jack for having me on his show several times, but especially for doing this episode with me. Thank you also to his fans for listening. Please, check out his links.


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Remember, “Their Order, Is Not Our Order!”

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