The “Fedneck Insurrection” (Ruckus, Odd Man Out, Chopper & Infidel Pharaoh)

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BOILER ROOM reconvenes for this Thursday, Jan 14th 2021 edition. HESHER, SPORE, ODD MAN OUT (The Oddcast), INFIDEL PHARAOH, RUCKUS (The Daily Ruckus) and CHOPPER join up to discuss new lows in propaganda peddling via the UK government hiring people to walk around the city wearing LED screens above their heads which would spew government/corporate messaging about COVID. The gang also analyzes the developing media situation with regards to the narrative and optics being cemented by the mass media outlets with the lock-step support of social media giants who’re actively suppressing the voices of untold numbers of users. The so-called ‘transition of power’ is also a big point of discussion, as there are currently 20,000 or more military troops on Capital Hill and all the mass media cartel chatter, alt media chatter and so-called ‘activist’ chatter are hinting towards potential clashes on Jan, 20th. All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM!