Tasha’s DI6 Mix

Alternate Current Radio Presents: Tasha’s Trove of Tones

All credit to artists, producers, writers, and representing companies/labels, etc.

Track List:
1. An Ancient Tale is Told (with Boyd Rice)
2. State Laughter
3. She Said Destroy
4. Tick Tock
5. Giddy Giddy Carousel
6. Symbols of the Sun
7. You Love the Sun (with Boyd Rice)
8. Nothing Changes
9. The Calling (Mk II)
10. Fields
11. Hollows of Devotion
12. Torture By Roses
13. Crush My Love
14. Death is the Martyr of Beauty
15. Idolatry
16. Tears of the Hunted (with Boyd Rice)
17. Heaven Street
18. Rule Again