One Step Forward, Thirty Three Steps BACK

January 6th Congressional trials continue. Covid to blame for drooping condom sales? Whats with the wall being built around the White House? Vertias vs. Fauci while the Supreme Court strikes down the Biden OSHA Employer vax mandates, and much more!

Global Trends: ‘A Transformed World’ with Mark Anderson

On this episode Boiler Room host, HESHER, is joined by MARK ANDERSON to discuss an ongoing publication from the National Intelligence Council called the “Global Trends Report.” Trend report, revelation of the method or something even deeper?

Hesher on Stop The Presses (10-JAN-22)

On this episode Hesher and Mark are discussing the “Global Trends” documents produced by the National Intelligence Council and comparing it to actual media and policy trends we face currently.

Shattering Institutions

BOILER ROOM | Controlled demolition and applied chaos to institutions like the USPS, AZ voter integrity audit, covidian resistance… and much more!