Are You Hesitant… Or Are You Genetically Modified?

BOILER ROOM | Free donuts for a year with proof of experimental biotech mRNA procedure… yep, thats a thing! Hesher, Spore, Odd Man Out, Ruckus and Mark Anderson make up the braintrust for this March 25th edition of BR.

The ‘Maskerbation’ Conundrum

BOILER ROOM | What is ‘maskerbation’… tune in and find out! It might have something to do with being so much of a coward that you wear a mask in a public shower.

The Texas Icepocalypse

BOILER ROOM | Hesher, Spore, Mark Anderson, Infidel, Odd Man & Ruckus talking about the Texas ice storms, the power outages, supply chain… and more!

Nonsense Psyops and The New Cold War

BOILER ROOM | Free weed for mRNA bio-tech test subjects, nonsense cyber psyops, infiltrators, agitators and the mass projection of whipped up caricatures upon society.