The Oddcast Ep. 72 Cowans, And Conspirators

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out This week continues my Illuminated Institutions series. This is the 4th episode so far on Freemasonry. No guest this week. Just me going over various quotes, symbolism, and connections to that grand ole society of secrets. I hope you enjoy this one. I try to bring in lesser… continue reading →

The Oddcast: Ep. 39 The Illuminati Watcher

The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out It’s Friday the 13th, and I finally pulled the trigger, and got over my wussy fears of having a guest on, and what a guest!!! None other than the Illuminati Watcher himself, Isaac Weishaupt dropped by the show to bless us with his extensive knowledge on all things… continue reading →