Coping With New Normal – Election Derangement – Techno-Cultic – Q&A (Hosted by Randy J.)

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Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – A Special Event! One Night Only! Randy J returns to the Social Rejects Club for an exclusive Fall 2020 appearance as guest host of BOILER ROOM. Join Randy J with his guests, Hesher, Spore & Ruckus for this romp through the Trump/Biden debate postmortem, a look at how social media is being used to mind control a vast majority of the planet with intense targets set on our populations youth, the myth and dangers of ‘gifted self esteem’ instead of earned confidence an accomplishments, tips for coping with the struggles of the “new normal” and a Q&A session with the live audience. All this PLUS African Grey parrots who had to be quarantined for FOUL language!

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