Panda-emic: Mask Up or Go To Jail!

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The real life radiologue of hosts HESHER & SPORE along with their merry and not-so-merry band of rebels, thought criminals and otherwise respectable media animals. The gang heeds the call to the Social Rejects Club round table for a meeting of the minds once again. On this episode HESHER & SPORE are joined by RUCKUS & RANDY J for an update on the the tyrannical laws & executive orders in California and New Mexico in response to the COVID situation. States that want to fine and jail people for not wearing a mask or social distancing… yes, it is happening or being set up to happen. A trip to the vet in New Mexico has the gang thinking a lot about the proposed “new normal,” is this a world where we can not accompany out loved ones (human and pet) into their medical situations anymore? All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM. Enjoy the show!

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Boiler Room may contain adult language and themes

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