Constitutional Crisis in VA, Projectiles & ‘Penis Fish’ in CA and More

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Join the Social Rejects Club for another round table edition of BOILER ROOM on Alternate Current Radio! Tonight Hesher and Spore welcome the return of Infidel Pharaoh and are also joined by Daniel Spaulding to talk about some weird news out of California, examine California style gun control measures, look at failing cities, catastrophic housing markets, an epidemic of homelessness, penis fish washing ashore and mysterious “projectiles” being “fired” at cars on highway 101 in Monterey County. The brain trust then turns its focus to the state of Virginia where the state legislature is attempting to pass what some are calling draconian gun control laws. As it turns out, while the majority of the country is focusing on a farce of an impeachment drama in the news, over 80 counties in VA are declaring themselves “Second amendment sanctuary counties” and the Sheriffs Offices are saying they will not enforce these laws. Some county Sheriffs have even said they’d deputize their constituents if need be and form a militia to defend themselves from a state government that has threatened to send the National Guard to enforce the proposed new laws. The gang also takes a look at a proposal to use Invisible Ink “Tattoos” to ID vaccinated kids. Would you like a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots, plastics and sugars to be embedded in your or your kid’s skin? What could go wrong? All this and more… on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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