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Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio for the for the ‘Boiler Room, a new mid-week talk radio program designed for news hounds, media maniacs, political animals and social rejects… Join host, Hesher, along with a motley crew of other ACR hosts and regular guests they take a pry-bar to your third eye.

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Hesher on Ochelli Effect - (Jan 17th, 2022)

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One Step Forward, Thirty Three Steps BACK

Hour 1

Hour 2

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Learn to Protect Yourself From the Predatory Mass Media Cartel with Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Oddman Out, Infidel Pharaoh and Chopper.

Part one of this BOILER ROOM sees the Boiler Gang analyzing the ongoing ‘capital riot’ congressional hearings as the congress hears testimony from an FBI representative about informants and provocateurs in the midst of the crowd that went into the capital building. Who is this Stewart Rhodes character and why is he the only person out of 700 to be charged with sedition, why was he not in jail for the last year like so many others if he was going to be charged with the harshest crime? What is up with the reports of walls being put up around the White House. Condom sales plummet since 2020, can we blame the ‘vid’?… all this and more in part 1.

Part two of the show has Hesher and the gang are discussing the latest in the “Covidocracy” Clown World, such as Dr. Fauci vs Project Veritas with the so-called ‘latest revelations’ about NIAID working with Wuhan labs in ‘gain of function’ virus research. Is the virus actually isolated and sequenced? Can it travel around the world in a matter of weeks or months? Are PCR and Lateral Flow test procedures accurate diagnosis tools, or diagnosis tools at all? Is there such a thing as an ‘asymptomatic spreader’ if the tests are not diagnostics and how would one prove that? Is it ‘good news’ that the Supreme Court blocked the employment mandates and MSM outlets are rolling-back parts of the covid narrative or is it just another twirl in the tap-dance of totalitarianism? All this and more in the 2nd hour of this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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Hour 1

Hour 2

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Global Trends: 'A Transformed World' with Mark Anderson

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Learn to protect yourself from the mass media cartels and toxic culture!

On this episode Boiler Room host, HESHER, is joined by MARK ANDERSON ( to discuss an ongoing publication from the National Intelligence Council which, ostensibly, is for analyzing trends for incoming presidents and other government agencies. Trends in technology, environment, geo-political, societal, health, finance and many other topics are addressed in these ‘Global Trends’ Reports. But there is something between the lines and in ones face as they read the “predictions” for coming years. Hear Mark Anderson and Hesher discuss the ins and outs of this series of documents, are they as they appear and just warning leadership of “potential” paradigm shifts which happen naturally… OR… are they written to be ‘revelation of the method’ or ‘predictive programming’? Listen, download the reports and decide for yourself!



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Hesher on Ochelli Effect - (Jan 10th, 2022)

Hesher on Ochelli Effect Jan 10th, 2022 edition

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Hesher on Stop The Presses (10-JAN-22)

RBN and ACR Present: STOP THE PRESSES! With Host, Mark Anderson, and Hesher of the Boiler Room podcast. On this episode Hesher and Mark are discussing the “Global Trends” documents produced by the National Intelligence Council and comparing it to actual media and policy trends we face currently.

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