Introductions – Prime Cast EP #001 – For Hip Hop Connoisseurs

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another broadcast of Prime Cast, twice weekly, for this Hip Hop connoisseur audio delight presented by Prime Artist. Come kick it with Prime and the crew on the PRIME CAST, custom spit for HIP HOP CONNOISSEURS. Being a Connoisseur means that you know your sh$t. Whatever that may be. In this case Hip Hop is the Foundation, but all are welcome here. So lets get into it! Prime’s Co-Host, Geoff, Hip Hop Connoisseur, Sports Connoisseur & resident shit talker will be joining from time to time also. 

Join ACR host Prime Artist, Geoff and their guests for another episode of Prime Cast. Get ready to chill with the Prime Cast on ACR!

Direct Download Episode #001

PRIME CAST may contain explicit language and adult themes. As with all shows on ACR, Prime Cast and/or Prime Cast guests views opinions and analysis does not necessarily reflect the positions, opinions or values of the station, other show hosts, advertisers or ACR contributors.