Hessian Session – Take 020 – Live Hesh’n

Take 020 – Live Session

Welcome Metal Heads! ACR’s Hesher brings a live set this week. If you missed out on the LIVE neck wrecking then you can catch the recording above! Episode 020 of Hessian Session is presented here for your enjoyment at Alternate Current Radio.

The Gathering – Analog Park
Cream – Strange Brew
Mastodon – Asleep in the Deep
Mr. Bungle – Backstrokin
Paradise Lost – Erased
Porcupine Tree – Futile
Morbid Angel – Radikult
Katatonia – Inheritance
Sleep – clarity
Acid Bath – Bleed Me An Ocean
Blackfield – Go To Hell
Down – Dog-tired In The Fastlane
Jucifer – Four Suns
Khold – Dommes Arme
King Diamond – The Phone Call & Halloween
Metal Church – Fake Healer
Meshuggah – Do Not Look Down
OSI – Blood
Opeth – Deliverance
Outlaw Order – Byproduct of a Wrecked Society
Pungent Stench – Why Can the Bodies Fly
Sadist – Fools and Dolts
Zimmer’s Hole – Death To The Dodgers of Soap
fistula – smoke cat hair and toe nails
Emperor – The Warriors of Modern Death
Dissection – Into Infinite Obscurity & In The Cold Winds of Nowhere
Diabolical Masquerade – Haunted By Horror
Carpathian Forest – It’s Darker Than you Think
Damnation A.D. – Better Tomorrow
Condemned – Condemned
Cattlepress – And the Sea Gave us it’s Dead
Blackfield – Go to Hell
Cathedral – Picture of Beauty & Innocence – Commiserating the Celebration