Gun Control: Media Illusions & Trauma Based Mind Control

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Join ACR host & producer, Hesher, along side Mark Anderson, Truth Hound and independent videographer, Ron Avery, of Lawful Government. This special broadcast is for the constitutionality minded listener, the second amendment supporters and all the people who are tired of being lied to by fortune 100 run mass media cartels who are paid to propagate a media driven culture war against the second amendment and against law abiding citizens.

This special BOILER ROOM broadcast sees the return of Mark Anderson, The Truth Hound and the first visit of Mr. Ron Avery to discuss the outright psychological operations committed by the local ABC affiliate against the viewing public. Specifically regarding their coverage of last week’s San Antonio Town Hall meetings about how the city should address the issue of ‘mass shootings.’ There was a massive turn-out of citizens who were in attendance to voice opposition to unconstitutional gun control measures being discussed across the nation and here in Texas. Somehow this is not how the event was reported by KSAT 12 ABC – Ron Avery was in attendance, recording the meeting, get the REAL scoop ONLY on BOILER ROOM!

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