Fake Meat – Beyond Dumb

Fake steaks are the “holy grail ” of fake meat made by industrial vegan kibble producers who tell us it’s not “natural” or healthy to eat meat. This is beyond dumb.

David Attenborough and Netflix tell noble lies to get their future back and save the planet.   Watch the video here.

Show Notes

  • Intro video – Go Limp for the Animals
  • A Realistic Steak Is Fake Meat’s Holy Grail – Bloomberg
  • Lamb Chops – Instagram
  • Tasting the world’s first test tube steak – Youtube
  • Save this for your Children’s Children, Lord Birkenhead’s 1929 Cosmo Article (pdf) – 1929 Cosmo
  • First Global Revolution – PDF
  • Air Protein just created ‘meat’ made from air – CNet
  • Aleph Farms serves up the world’s first lab grown steak – Youtube
  • Growing Meat in a Lab – Youtube
  • WBCSD on Twitter
  • WBCSD Home
  • Study Finds Environmental Impact of Meat Versus Vegetables is Staggering – One Green Planet
  • Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods – PNAS
  • Dr. Marco Springmann PhD – About
  • Analysis and valuation of the health and climate change cobenefits of dietary change – PNAS
  • Consolidation of Food by Company Ownership – Image
  • Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees – Pinnacle
  • A tiny tweak in California law is creating a strange thing: carbon-negative oil – QZ
  • What Is Carbon Taxation? – IMF
  • Cannibalism: It’s ‘Perfectly Natural,’ A New Scientific History Argues – NPR
  • Should Vegans Take DHA? Dr. Greger DHA Interview – Youtube
  • Primal Edge Health Membership
  • How to Cook Beef Liver (without Flour) – Recipe
  • Organ Meat Pie – Simple Carnivore Diet Recipe

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