Election Day… Day Three



Its Election Day… Again… Day Three… and the Presidential race is still undecided, critical states voting numbers are being held until as late as Friday the 6th of November. In the mean-time Project Veritas has received thousands of reports from various locations in these swing states where potential vote fraud is happening, social media posts sharing reports of potential fraud are being censored by the silicon valley companies. One can find audio, video and first hand account evidence detailing all brands of potentially illegal vote fraud: ballot harvesting, USPS fraud, ballot purchasing, republican monitors locked out of counting stations, batches of hundreds of thousands of votes coming in that are all labeled Biden votes, states with more than 100% voting turn out, red counties being forced to use pens that won’t be readable by the scan machines, vote suppression, vote altering, vote trashing… and on and on with reports of fraud.

HESHER & SPORE call yet another meeting of the ACR Brain Trust to get a wide spectrum of situational awareness, as WE are our own best media right now in a “post-Smith Mundt Act swamp” of militarized propaganda aimed at priming us, worldwide, to accept global governance and technocratic rule. Its a big room tonight with contributions from INFIDEL PHARAOH, SMOKESTACK, RUCKUS, ODD MAN OUT, KIMI & CHOPPER!

The entire Establishment Media (yes, Fox included) wants to gaslight the public into thinking that the mass reporting of voter fraud is a lie. We aim to give voice to the millions of Americans who currently believe otherwise after seeing the information that has become available. Please listen to this broadcast and share it around, the vast majority of Americans only wants a fair, honest, count of the LEGALLY submitted ballots.