Distinguishing & Designating: The New Discrimination?


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – A braintrust meeting, recorded LIVE, with the Social Rejects Club, withs hosts, HESHER & SPORE along with RUCKUS (The Daily Ruckus), TRUTH HOUND (Stop The Presses), ODD MAN OUT (The Oddcast), INFIDEL PHARAOH (Magic Carpet Ride) & CHOPPER.

Are employers who mandate covid shots for their employees liable for any who experience adverse reactions…? Asking for a friend or two, as this kind of “distinction” becomes a requirement in workplaces. Texas border disputes spilling over onto ranching properties, weapons of mass migration, manipulation of the US population to change up the demographics, classic trolling found in the weekly toxic news-feed, your favorite BOILER GANG thought criminals and media maniacs… all this and more, on this episode!