Death-Pod Death-Cults in the age of Spiritual Warfare – Boiler Room #229

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Welcome to the Social Rejects Club round table. Say goodbye to political correctness, NPCs beware, propagandist & mass media cartels take cover! BOILER ROOM is back to take on the culture war with ACR hosts Hesher & Spore, along with Randy J and Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis).

On this episode the Social Rejects club meets for the weekly round table discussion to hash out the latest internet oddities, news stories, cultural warfare salvos and WTF moments from the social media feeds.

This week the Alternate Current Radio Brain Trust takes to the Social Rejects Club round table for another romp through the news and social feeds of the week. Join Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis), Benny Wills (Joy Camp & Benny and Randy J in the BOILER ROOM. On the agenda tonight 3D printed “death pods” for “stylish” and “peaceful” suicide. Alexandria Occasio Cortes leaves the gang wondering how growing cauliflower can be racist, the strange tale of the White House lawn self-immolation by Arnav Gupta, thoughts on the carnivore diet, unveiling the new Benny Wills website and YouTube channel and a trip report from the Jay Dyer book signing/Boiler Room meet up in Texas… All this and much more on this episode of BOILER ROOM.

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