Burn Notice: Burning Man, Burning Rain Forests, Burning Books

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On this episode, BOILER ROOM Host, Hesher, and Co-Host, Spore are joined by Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis & YouTube), Randy J and Benny Wills (Web site & YouTube) form up the ACR Brain-trust to discuss “hook-up apps” with terrible security being used in government facilities. Are this summers Amazon Rain Forest fires YOUR fault?! Extinction Rebellion – why do people still buy into impending ecological holocaust fear porn? Big Data: Is it the key to the real life analogy to the Tolkien concept of “Sauron” and is Palantir the keeper of the seeing stone? Is the all seeing eye really the eye of the technocrat in the form of surveillance, online censorship, deplatforming, profiling, big data collection and artificial intelligence assessing people for ‘social viability and credit’? And it can’t hurt to discuss the deeper meanings behind the nations biggest summer festival as Burning Man 2019 approaches … All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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