Democratized Dildonics & Conspiracy Is a Crime, Not A Theory – Boiler Room #243

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On the first part of this episode, BOILER ROOM Host, Hesher, and Co-Host, Spore are joined by Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis & YouTube), Tristan Haggard (Primal Edge Health) and Political Cartoonist JimBob (madebyjimbob) to discuss the latest outrages in the media feeds from the week to break down the escalating insanity we find ourselves surrounded by in 2019 where scientists are proposing eating human flesh to fight climate change, extinction rebellion is run by globalist PR firms and opportunistic parents of a specially-abled young woman who’s being exploited to push a political agenda and Spore kicks the show off with the bizarre topic of ‘teledildonic sex toys’ which can be remotely hacked.

In the second part of the show Hesher and Spore are joined by Melissa Dykes of Truth Stream Media for talk about the perils of modern life, the speeding up of time, strange dreams, synchronicity, mass shootings, trauma based mind control and particle collider facilities… all this and much more on this episode of BOILER ROOM!


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