Boiler Room #107 – Singularity at CERN Creates Mandela Wormhole! Is This The End?

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room‘ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR hosts Hesher and Spore along with FunkSoulRandy J and Andy Nowicki for the hundred and seventh episode of BOILER ROOM. Turn it up, tune in and hang with the ACR Brain-Trust for this weeks boil downs and analysis and the usual gnashing of the teeth of the political animals in the social reject club. This week on the show we’re looking, unfortunately, into the social engineering and psychological operations based around demonizing “natural” human functions such as breast feeding to further degrade culture by design. We’re also improv’ing around the room about the various doomsday scenarios we’ve been exposed to over the years.

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