A Ruckus Among the Odd Mystical American Chopped & Mod’d Boiler Room


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The uninterruptible radiologue of HESHER, SPORE and their ever growing braintrust of social rejects continues into the depths of the dreaded 2020 once again. On this episode Spore and I are joined by Boiler Room regulars Chopper, Ruckus, Odd Man Out, Smokestack and first time Boiler Roomer, Sumo (of the Mystical American Patriots Society podcast with Smokestack). We’re talking about further encroachment into the homes of Californians as the San Francisco local politicians are throwing around the idea of a smoking and vaping ban inside the homes of citizens. We also looked at the Trump, Giuliani, Powell press conference on potential voter fraud law suits and pull some choice samples for consideration. The strange story of a mafia boss who claims to have participated in election fraud, yet is willing to flip on his co-conspirators in exchange for fame, fortune, book deals and movie rights (spoiler alert: we all thought this was a ridiculous laughable media stunt, prove us wrong!) All this and more, on this episode of BOILER ROOM!



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